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  • Earthqake in Nepal
     A Big shock of Earthquake was felt in Nepal today at around 6.25 Pm .....
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  • Volunteering
    In general terms, volunteering is the practice of people working ....
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  • Volunteer Application

    Program fee

    Volunteer Venture Program Fees Euros and Dollors 

    • 2 weeks Euro 200 OR US$ 350
    • 1 month Euro 350 OR US$ 550 
    • 1 1/2 months Euro 450 OR US$ 650 
    • 2 months Euro 500 OR US$ 750 
    • 2 1/2 months Euro 575 OR US$ 850 
    • 3 months Euro 600 OR US$ 950 
    • 4 months Euro 700 OR US$ 1050 
    • 5 months Euro 750 OR US$ 1150 

    placements longer than 5 months a Tourist Visa to Nepal permits a maximum stay of 5 months in each calendar year. 

    The above costs include the following: 

    • Transportation from Kathmandu Airport. 
    • Transport to and from the Kathmandu to Pokhara
    • Accommodation and main meals during training period and placement.
    • Language and cultural information classes. 
    • Volunteer Venture staff visits to placement. 
    • Contribution to Volunteer Venture projects e.g. 
    • Health post 
    • Back to School program child care center "sarangkot"
    • Community learning center 
    • Public Library 
    • Scholarship for the poor dalit tribes children. 

    Your additional Financial Responsibilities 

    You will be responsible for your fight ticket to Nepal and visa fees which are follows (check with your embassy for the latest fee structure): 

    • $ 30 USD for the first two months. 
    • $ 30 USD per month thereafter for a maximum of 5 months per year. 
    • Water purification tablets and / or good quality water purifier 
    • First aid kit.
    • Flashlight (torch) 
    • Penknife 
    • Books about your country 
    • Photos of your family / friends / home (essential !!) 
    • Souvenirs for you family and staff from your country. 
    • A few examples of your local currency 
    • Music CDs 
    • Basic Learner's English / Nepali / English dictionary - for simple definitions

    (buy a Nepali dictionary on arrival in Kathmandu) 
    • Magazines 
    • Colored pencils and pens, drawing books, stickers. 
    • Inflatable globe 
    • Books on teaching English / English Grammar for you reference Why pay to volunteer? 
    Volunteering in Nepal, you will incur many costs such as food, accommodation, transportation, transfers, project selection etc. We charge you the fee, all the money goes into providing you all these services.

    Money is also spend on:-

    Advertising Online/Offline 
    Salaries for staff 
    Communication with volunteers and partners, by phone/email etc. 
    International travel done by our staff to monitor projects and attend local meetings with partners 
    Website maintenance. 
    Government taxes 
    In country maintenance of offices, vehicles etc 
    Staff recruitment 
    Volunteer recruitment 
    Maintaining office and other expenses 
    Cancellation fees:

    Registration fees is non refundable. 
    Before starting training program - 50% Refund. 
    No money will be refunded once you start your placement and volunteer position are non transferable. 
    No money will be refunded for a program of 2 weeks duration after commencement