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  • Earthqake in Nepal
     A Big shock of Earthquake was felt in Nepal today at around 6.25 Pm .....
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  • Volunteering
    In general terms, volunteering is the practice of people working ....
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  • Volunteer Application


    Volunteer Programmes:
    Education Programme:

    Porgramme placement varies from one month to ten months. After training is complete the volunteers are briefed and placed with the community to teach English to students of various ages & abilities. No teaching experience is necessary but a good knowledge of grammatical English is required.

    Primary Health Care programme :
    Programme placements are from two months to ten months volunteers will work in a health centre or outpost, to provide primary health care to the community s well as first aid to families in their homes. They may also teach sanitation and health at local schools.A medical background or similar training in necessary for this type of placement.

    Cultural exchange programme:

    Developed for anyone who has an interest in Nepali culture, this programme runs from two weeks to one month, volunteers will live with a Nepali family while receiving and hours of Nepali language training per day. Through participation in village life, volunteers immense themselves in local culture while sharing their own culture & customs.

    The opportunity to stay with multiple families in different regions of Nepal can be arranged.

    Volunteer Venture Nepal is offering unique opportunity to all the interested people from all over the world who has keen interest in Nepali culture and its people.Visit Nepal year 2011 is special year for homestay program but it is on going program all the time .

    This program is targeted to anyone who has a keen interest in Nepali culture. After the completion of intensive Nepali language training, volunteers will stay with Nepali family in village through participation in village life. Volunteers will experience the different local culture while sharing their own culture and custom. This program can be arranged in most areas of Nepal. Volunteers gain cross-cultural experience through this program. The program is suitable for family, an individual or a group. There is no age bar. This is a unique opportunity to experience Nepal differently that traces a lasting impression. 
    Home stay program is best organized from August to December. This is the time of festivals in Nepal that you can have exciting experience celebrating festivals with Nepali family. 
    But you can exchange your home any times all along the year

    Public library running:

    - We have two small library with 1000 books it is running in related house. So we have to enhance our library. To promote the educational development.

    Scholarship programme:

    - Since 1995 we have been providing scholarship to ten students every year on the base of their family background.

    Sanitation & water resource conservation programme:

    - Every two times in a year we cleaned our local water resource streets
    public place in our catchments area.